Hi,  welcome to this thing – a blog, online journal, whatever. I’m Katharine, a recent college graduate – of the typical, confused, still-figuring-things-out kind. I majored in Psychology and I also took a minor in History. I find both of these fields really fascinating although I am still quite unsure where I want to go after college. Edit: Lol surprise I’m in med school, on a joint MD-MBA degree. Stick around to see how this one plays out for me.

I am a huge bookworm. In fact, if you were to give me a couple hundred bucks for whatever reason, you best believe I would be running to the nearest bookstore. I also have a penchant for films and music.

In here, you will mostly find my thoughts and opinions on certain things that preoccupy my otherwise mundane life, my attempts as a frustrated writer of poems and prose.. and well pretty much, anything and everything that I want to write about.

And.. yeah, well… that’s it.

For now, I guess. Stick around if you want to know more about myself.

I’m really bad at concluding these kinds of things, so…. uh, bye?


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